Deathiversary Week 2017: Day 7

Dear Deathiversary Diary,

    Miss Kira made me sleep in the cage tonight, which was really fun but also a little cramped. We got the biggest one and it's pretty much perfect, not too small but just enough so you can be reasonably comfy and still feel trapped. Cost us 200 buxos, the poor lady at the checkout was so confused, it was wonderful. So after waking up to that we slept in later than usual and so by the time we finished the alien movie it was time for Kira to go to work. From there I tried to catch up on all my monster movie writing projects, finishing and posting the one for yesterday (two days ago now, again my usual schedule for posts is to get them up the day after the day they were written/viewed, checked 2014 and 2015 and you'll see the same thing), plus writing, recording, and editing as much of the backlogged alien stuff as I could get to. It was especially easy since, not ever having a reason to watch my digital version before now, I didn't realize my copies of GXM and GXMG weren't subtitled and GMK and GMMG had that fucking awful international dub. I don't know what the hell happened after Destroyah, although to be fair I've never seen the international version of G2k, but if you're like me and watched the Japanese versions Sony's DVD's first and exclusively ever after, you have no idea how bad it got. I mean in the 90's it wasn't great but it was at least passable, but there were times where actors would be barking orders and the looper would just sound mildly annoyed. Point is, they were easy to not pay much attention to.
    At any rate, things where going along fine until I hit a snag... pickle cravings. Obviously I can't get pregnant, so don't even start with the jokes, but I do get very real and very intense pickle cravings, it's almost like an addiction thing. I've since figured, since they first started that is, that they are the result of a lack of potassium, which results in awful leg cramps even when I'm not tied up. Problem: they don't have del dixi up here, and I'm NOT going to eat any of that fucking Vlassic BULLSHIT. I simply will not put up with it. It wouldn't fix it anwyas. Solution? Go to Sam's and grab three huge multi-gallon... well, barrels, practically, of del dixi, the best pickles on Earth, and shipped them with all of my stuff so I could last about a year before needing to resupply, So I'll just go and unpack my pickles and OH WAIT MY SHIT STILL ISN'T HERE IS IT?! At the time, the cravings were so intense that I had to do something to alleviate the pickle situation, and without the car my options were limited. However, there is a corner store I can walk to without much problem, and pick up a jar of just something there, and Kira could bring home something else on the way home. When I got there a new problem arose: no pickles available. Solution: they have a condiment bar. I don't really know how it's supposed to work, but what I did was grab one of their in-house burgs that was sitting in that shitty heat lamp thing since 10 am. Dry and hard as a rock. Not important, I grabbed it and stuffed as many pickles as I could possibly fit in the bag and then tried to act cool at the checkout. It worked. For all the non-pickle connoisseurs out there, "fixin's bar pickles" are about as close as you can come to del dixi, and for me at the time they were a marvelous substitute.
    That little adventure came in the middle of GMK, and when I got home I watched some more awful dubbing while eating some yummy pickles, finished yesterday's post, finished writing the vid for alien days 3 & 4, and when Kira came home she brought 10 McDonner's burgs, which I've often relied on when no pickles were available because their pickles are pretty great, with double xtra pickles (we split the burgs and she game me all her picks), while watching the fifth alien movie. It was after midnight so it was technically tomorrow, and we had to make some room. See.. tomorrow I'm going to revisit gino 2 for the first time in 3 years, and I have no intention of doing it alone. To do that I have to get through Final Wars, which is over 2 hours long, and AvP, which is over 100 minutes, and of course gino 2 itself is also two hours long. This leaves a very cramped schedule and if we were going to be getting up later then we ought to not rush things. So, we did alien 5 while enjoying double xtra pickleburgs and the next day, well... you have to wait for that post.


Malyssa, May 15th 2017


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