Small Update

Not much, I just fixed up the G54 (the movie, not the monster) page a bit, wrote up a nice little section on Akira Ifukube, added links to other articles, fixed up the "story cladogram" thing a bit, and wiped out all those headers at the end that I didn't need, and replaced them with things I will be adding in future updates.

I've also made a huge amount of progress on the GRA article. I was really hoping to get that done with today but I guess that's not happening, but it should be up tomorrow. It will probably not have sections written about The Volcano Monsters and Gigantis when it does go up, but it's something.

Tomorrow I'm going to start working on articles for the other 50's monsters. Depending on how far I get into Anguirus will tip the scales on whether I go ahead and stick with my "only Godzilla gets separate pages for each iteration" policy or cave and split up Anguirus et. al. as well. I'm still leaning against it mostly because it would make the Monsters contents page exponentially messier, but you know...

If I do stick with the plan, then I'm not waiting until I cover ALL iterations of Anguirus to publish that article, it'll go up as soon as I get the 1950's and perhaps other Showa stuff covered.

The other 50's monsters will end up going into two pages: one for all the one-shot creatures which were never heard from again, and another from the recurring never-born monster "Archaeopteryx" who has quite an odd little history and THAT I might go ahead and wait until I finish the whole thing before it goes public, you know, because there's not all that much of it. I might pad the article some with a mini-rant about how it not only isn't a "bird," whatever that means, but it's probably on the complete opposite end of the paravian tree with Deinonychus and all those other flightless raptors.

I mean... it's annoying as all. Archaeopteryx was a called a "bird" (which doesn't mean anything, by the way) back when people were dumb idiots and they didn't understand the diver- okay, I gotta save this for later.

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