GRA up, Deathiversary drawing near

The Godzilla Raids Again article is up and just as finished as the Godzilla one, leaving the bottom half about the Americanization process mostly blank for now. This is sort of ironic since, as the development on GRA was so short that it doesn't really justify a separate article, the "Volcano Monsters" link on the Development contents page redirects to an article that doesn't really mention The Volcano Monsters yet. I've been feeling weirdly sluggish and tired most of the day, so it's only now that I'm getting this page up and, consequently, I haven't started on the Anguirus article yet.

But there is other big news! Godzilla's Sad Deathnight is coming up! Woo? No, not Woo, Godzilla, who on May 16th of last year was brutally murdered by a conclave of hooded figures who, according to my own personal conspiracy theory, are actually Ermac-esque sentient amalgams of all the world's money given human form. Naturally, this isn't the sort of thing most folks would "celebrate," but the fact that it's been a whole year since this happened is... well, it's hard to describe. I guess alcohol is a time machine or something, because it really just seems like that whole year completely disappeared. Things have changed some since then, and Godzilla might have a chance at coming back after all, but given how powerful hollywood and skynet are it's probably all futile.

But I'm still here, still writing this thing, and Godzilla still matters to me even if the rest of the world has decided their souls are for sale and the only thing they're interested in is what they're told to like by the "geek blog" subversive marketing plants and social media experiments. Good fucking job, technology, you managed to give one of the most evil kinds of people the ability to essentially brainwash idiots, which, of course, make up the largest percentage of the population. Because of course they fucking do.

So I'm going to do exactly what I did last year, starting from a week before May 16th (which is the 9th) I'll watch a cluster of Godzilla movies (and some television stuff) and post a corresponding "journal" type entry either that same day or the next. What's different about this time, other than some changes to the line-up, is that since gino 2 is already out on home video and seeing it again (which I am NOT looking forward to, but I feel like I have to in order for the tradition to have any meaning) won't be an all-day thing where I go to the theater and have a bunch of drinks before the set time it comes on, then drink a lot in the theater, and after it ends going to a bar and drinking much, much more. No, instead the eighth day, the culmination of the Deathiversary "celebrations" and the Sad Deathnight itself, will be just as jam packed as the preceding week. So I'm going to push some things up into the eighth day and try to plan some other sort of festive thing to keep me from thinking too much about... anything, really. I mean, that's how I managed to keep this up for a whole year last time, so making it into a kind of event and distancing myself from what has actually happened while drinking - a lot - and coming up with some sort of morbid ceremony should work too.

My journal documenting this event will be posted here, right on the Godzilla Cycle, rather than on my old blog which doesn't have a real theme or purpose other than just being where I can type things sometimes. In addition to this, my old Deathiversary (I don't think it can be technically called that, but w/e) posts from last year on my old blog will be linked to here in a contents page linked on the navigation bar up top. I'll include some quick diagnostic info about each day, most notably a list of films and other things covered in that day, and generally my hope is to keep this a running tradition.

If Godzilla manages to come back once more, and survive all of this, if I have ANY lasting legacy, if anything I do is remembered after I'm gone, my only small sliver of immortality I wish for is that Godzilla's Deathiversary continue to be observed by all those who carry Godzilla in their hearts, no matter how few they may be. We cannot afford to forget this a third time. We, as a civilization, stand or fall by the legacy we leave behind for the future. We can either be put up on a pedestal with the ancient Mediterranean world, or we can fall into obscurity like the dark ages. Will we be remembered because of our obsession with money, fame, technology, and our sadistic dependency on using subversive advertising to bend others to our will? Or will we be remembered as the civilization that stopped the Cold War from turning into the apocalypse, that put a man on the moon, and used technology to find new forms of expression and discovery?

Are we the civilization that created Godzilla or destroyed him? If Godzilla buries me, I can't rest unless I know that this immense failure and dangerously close call is remembered and observed. We have to remember May 16th, 2014, or else it will happen again, and all we'll have left to leave future generations is go-gurt and let's plays.

Surely we can give the future a better impression of us than that.

Otherwise I will haunt the shit out of you stupid motherfuckers.

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