Test Post

This is just a test to set up the theme of the place. Everything is, of course, currently under construction, and there likely won't be much here until a fair amount of things are already written, I'll just be drafting stuff 'till then.

How long will that be? Who know. One one hand, this is kinda all I do, so nearly every waking hour will be spent working on this, but then again there is a hell of a lot to do.

oh, look who it is...
This caption, also, is intended for testing purposes.


  1. what won't you cover?

    1. Non Godzilla stuff and fan fiction that isn't particularly notable. Also fan art that doesn't have any kind of story behind it, as I'm not just going to repost people's deviant art galleries.

      Everything Godzilla that's licensed is in the scope of this website. Including, possibly, eventually, toys and various weird merchandise. But that will come later.